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B-100 Overview for Craft Breweries

PTG Water & Energy’s eco-friendly system for energy and industrial wastewater treatment provides both technical and financial benefits for craft breweries. PTG’s Combined Heat & Power (CHP) technology can reduce electricity, heating and boiler costs in craft breweries by over 50%. PTG’s technology is sustainable and non-toxic with no chemicals needed. The systems are easy to configure into existing or new breweries.
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The Problem:

  • Electricity costs rising in brewing
  • Heating costs increasing in brewing
  • Beer wastewater treatment
  • Water issues & shortages
  • Environmental pressures

PTG’s Solution:

Beer Fermenters

  • Reduce electricity & heating costs by 50% or more
  • Combined Heat & Power (CHP) system
  • Solve wastewater problems & eliminate sewer charges
  • Recycle water to reduce fresh water costs
  • Solve wastewater problems & eliminate sewer charges
  • Sustainable & non-toxic (no chemicals)
  • Fits into existing brewing process
  • Remote monitoring & real-time data trending
  • Reliable – No operator needed

Benefits and features for breweries include:

  • Substantial cost savings from reduced electricity, fresh water and sewage costs
  • Renewable generation of electricity (dramatically reduce electricity bills or even make a profit)
  • Harness existing waste heat for Combined Heat & Power (CHP) system
  • No toxic chemicals
  • Use biogas, natural gas or available biomass (waste to energy)
  • Sustainable and eco-friendly
  • Recycle disinfected wastewater for non-potable purposes such as cleaning, cooling and landscaping

Please email or call 510-357-0562 to request a free analysis on how PTG can generate large cost savings for your facility.

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